*** Trailer Safety Tips ***

In our first section is a collection of original articles by Longhorn staff. Some of these articles have been picked up and displayed across the web. We are happy to be able to contribute to the information highway and hope that people have found useful information. All of these articles are copyrighted to Longhorn Motors, Ltd. Thanks for taking the time to read these articles. In the second section: Outside links, we have listed links to what we feel are quality articles and information to help people with their trailers and their safety. Education is a must where safety is concerned.

Ready to Purchase?

If you are considering purchasing a new or used trailer, this article can help walk you through the process. Just a few guidelines... read here->

Maintaining Your Trailer

A useful guide for maintaining a trailer. Useful for those that did not receive care and maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. read here->

Re-Packing Wheel Bearings

A short guide to aid in repacking the wheel bearings on a trailer. read here->

Trailer laws and Regulations

A list of laws and regulations compiled by AAA for the United States and Canada read here->

Towing A Gooseneck Trailer

The advantages of a gooseneck trailer are provided in this short guide to towing with a gooseneck. read here->

Selecting mirrors for your tow vehicle

A how-to on buying and installing supplementary mirrors to aid in the towing of a trailer. read here->

Definitions of Towing Terms

A glossary of terms to help understand towing trailers. read here->

Finding Hitch or Tongue weight

Easy ways to determine curb weight and tongue weight of a trailer. read here->

Outside Links: Please read this article. It will give you information you really need
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